Water Energy
Let The Power Flow!

Water energy is power derived from the force created by moving water, which is harnessed for useful purposes.

Energy can also be produced by the hydrogen in water - this is still in the research and development stages.

You can even use water as fuel for your car or truck!

Water Energy

Prior to the widespread availability of electricity from fossil fuels, water power was used for irrigation and the operation of various devices. These included water wheels, watermills, textile machines, and sawmills.

Dams are the most common way of harnessing energy from the flow of water. Massive hydro turbines are driven by the water as it is released from the dam. The turbines drive generators which produces hydro electricity.

Damless hydro is also gaining in popularity. It uses the force of free flowing water in rivers to create power.

Run of the river hydro is another way we are harnessing the power of rivers.

Scientists are also developing other ways of generating power from the world's water resources. While not yet significant producers of water power (only 0.3 GW in 2005), investors are starting to tap the massive energy resources of ocean waves and tides.

Scientists are also researching ocean thermal energy conversion. This would generate energy by utilizing the differences between surface and deep-sea ocean temperatures.

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