DIY Solar Power

DIY solar power is VERY achievable. You CAN build cheap solar panels - BUT - you must proceed with caution.

Homemade Energy is fast becoming the buzz word in environmental circles.

Consumers are becoming fed up with the problems associated with using conventional energy resources.

Tired of rising costs and, in some cases, being subjected to rationing, many home owners are turning to the newest trend in energy conservation - DIY Solar Power Kits.

A number of companies are now producing homemade energy guides, available for instant download on the internet, which give you step by step instructions on how to assemble the materials for your own DIY solar power kits.

The guides cost around $40 to $60 and the materials required to build your kit will cost around $200, much cheaper than purchasing and installing an off the shelf kit (the costs may run into many thousands of dollars.

The guides generally come in the form of an instruction manual and video series which contain easy to follow diagrams, instructions and examples.

Having assembled and implemented my own DIY Solar Panels, I can vouch that the process is an easy and painless task, and the results in terms of saving money are stunning.

Please be warned though, there are hundreds of DIY solar plans available on the net - most are of poor quality - and all charge for the plans.

Many "imitators" are simply out to rip off original plans or worse - to sell you inferior plans that show you how to make solar panels which, at best, will power a calculator.

There are many "fly by nighters" who are in it for a quick buck, hoping to lure you into parting with your dollars, only for you to find that they have disappeared when you need support.

So how do you find a plan that is a) worth the money, b) will allow you to build a powerful solar panel and c) will offer ongoing quality support?

Well the good news is you don't have to! We have spent many hours researching the various plans available on DIY solar panels so as to save you the time, money and frustration.

Honestly, we have not built all of the solar panels from the 27 plans we have purchased and researched, however we have done the due diligence on all of them.

We have checked credentials, contacted people who have built and used the systems, conducted cost and feature comparisons and more.

Most importantly, the systems we recommend below are all delivered via a secure third party site - Clickbank - which is a reputable company offering a 60 day - 100% money back - unconditional guarantee.

We are certain that you will find the products below of the same high standards as any other we recommend.

We hope you enjoy the DIY solar power plans - which ever you choose!

Please send us feedback via the Contact Us link - we love reading about your completed projects.

So here are our top 3 choices for DIY solar power.

#1 Earth 4 Energy

Earth4Energy is a very popular product and for a good reason: it gives great instructions for building solar and wind generators and also batteries.

In our opinion this is the best product if you're interested in building a solar panel or a wind mill to produce electricity.

The instructions are very straight-forward. Anyone could build a renewable energy generator following these.

Plus I like the simplicity of the guide. They are clear, yet very concise, without leaving any stones unturned.

If you want to buy a DIY guide for solar and wind energy generators, then look no further. You've found the perfect match for your needs.

Click Here To Get To The Earth4Energy Website

#2 Home Made Energy

This is the runner up. And a hard choice it was between our #1 and #2 recommendations.

The details of the Home Made Energy guide are almost a match for the Earth4Energy guide, and both are priced similarly.

Earth4Energy is just on another level - although Home Made Energy is a fine product and you can't go wrong with it.

It still shows you exactly how to build your solar panels and wind mills, and offers good support.

Click Here To Get To The Home Made Energy Website

#3 DIY Power System

Although this product is more expensive, it delivers tremendous value for the price.

The higher pricing really is the only reason that the DIY Power System is our #3 choice.

Everything is clearly explained and anyone can start putting the guides into practice right away.

If you are not only interested in renewable energy generators but also want to build batteries, make biofuel (for your car) or even build a house, this is a great product. (The bonus material covers all of this and more!)

Click Here To Get To The DIY Power System Website

Have You Tried Your Hand At DIY Solar Power??

Do you have a great story about DIY solar power?

Have you built a panel (or two) and would like to show it off?

Perhaps you actually messed it up pretty bad.... and just want to share your misfortune - or even ask for some help?!

Go ahead - Share your DIY solar successes, trials and tribulations with us all!

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