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Hydro Solar Wind was created as a result of my frustration - having visited SO MANY poorly created, mis-informing and "salesy" sites on my quest to find valuable information about alternative energy sources.

Initially I set out to learn how I could use renewable alternative energy to produce green electricity and limit the environmental impact of my future energy use.

However, I found this research fascinating, and it fast became an area of passion for me.

After having spent countless hours (over many years) sifting through mountains of information - sorting the good from the bad; the useful from the useless - it suddenly dawned on me...

"Perhaps I wasn't alone in my thirst for quality information about alternative energy?!"

As a result this site was born and - after uploading the first couple of pages - it was clear that I was right! People - just like you and me - started visiting!

It is most rewarding to get feedback from visitors regularly, thanking me for providing this source of information!!

Please see our visitor testimonials page to read some of the glowing feedback we have received.

Currently, most of our energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Based upon our current rate of consumption, scientific experts forecast that we have mere decades left in our fossil fuel reserves!

Add to this, the rapidly increasing needs of our emerging nations - such as China - and it is clear that we have a real energy crisis on our hands.

By-Products Of Fossil Fuels Are Impacting On Our Environment.

The by-products produced by burning fossil fuel for energy are directly contributing to global warming.

Many governments, regulatory bodies, industry groups and individual companies are in the process of addressing this issue.

They are all acutely aware of the link between the use of fossil fuels and climate change.

All of this adds up to a mighty good argument in favour of switching to alternative energy.

We need to act now, before it's too late! It all starts with you and me... empowers you by providing:

  • Quality Information - We save you weeks (if not months) of searching through volumes of alternative energy information.

  • Alternative Energy Reviews - We review alternative energy products, systems and providers, saving you time and money.

  • Up To Date Information - We keep you informed on important issues via our free Alter-NRG newsletter.

  • Real Savings - We show you how to put alternative energy to work for you, and put money back in your pocket.

  • Access To Great Specials and Regular Discounts - We aim to source the best products and the best prices on alternate energy products and services.

I hope you enjoy reading about the history, benefits and uses of our top alternative energy sources! What you do with the information is up to you.

My challenge to you - should you choose to accept it - is to start using alternative energy sources today!

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