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There are a lot of sites out there that have taken to giving advice about going Green. While I am so excited that this movement has taken hold in popular culture, this site is a true bastion of well-researched and truly insightful information. As an Environmental Health major I consider myself well versed on many of these issues, and still learn new things from this site every day. As far as I am concerned this is the "peer reviewed journal" of Alternative Energy Info on the web. Thanks for dedicating so much time and effort to such a worthy cause.

- Mara Averick, MA, USA


Your website is absolutely one of the best alternative energy sites I've seen in a long time!! I love, love, love that you discuss multiple types of sources and provide DIY on wind & solar devices - that is priceless information and YOU are an invaluable resource to the world that knows you are here. SPREAD THE WORD - I know I WILL!!

- Christen C Lefebvre, San Antonio, TX, USA


Great website...found it via twitter...excellent work, checked out so many links - thanks for doing such great work!!"

- Solar Lotus, Canada


Thanks for the great website on alternative energies. Great to see so much useful information on the one site. I look forward to looking through all the information in greater depth. Very inspiring!

- Steven Leuver, Sydney, Australia


Very informative site. I studied at a college in Boston in 1978 and the Major was "Alternative Energy Resoucses". After my first year the major was discontinued because gas prices stabilized. I wonder where we would be now, energy wise, if this country stayed the course over the past thirty plus years. Again great site. I will be a regular.

- Charlie Raske, Lowell Ma, USA


Alternative engergy needs to be now not 20+ years down the road - Wind, Solar, Thermal also how about compressed air cars! Keep up the good work on the front line of alternative energy guys!

- Dee Fabian, Buena Vista, USA


Thanks for your informative website. I appreciate you keeping everyone up to date, we have a lot of attention on what we can do nowadays.

- Tracy Locke, Sunland, CA, USA


Your site is the best out there in Alternative Energy to learn anything about any subject, keep up the great work as WE the investors in renewable energy are just getting started on a ""Megatrend"" for green energy investing!

- Keith Bare, Boulder, USA


Have to compliment you on a great site thatinforms people not only on the benefits of natural energy but useful instructions on how it all works and comes together. We lived off of the grid for 16 years using solar and wind power. It wasn't difficult or limiting. Keep up the good work - passing on knowledge that helps us all live in a cleaner environment and have something left to pass on to future generations.

- Teresa Messenger, Vic, Australia


You all have done a fantastic job of gathering all these valuable resources in one place. I've enjoyed reading and learning here. Thanks for doing the leg work!

- Dena Lambert, Tampa, FL, USA


Very nice site, very informative, very well rounded spectrum of information. Nice updates on twitter and other social networking.

- Saar Herman, Hong Kong


I enjoyed reading your material, and I am wondering if you offer a toolbar for me to download to get updates. I think it would be a cool thing to offer to your users.

- Coby Rosenberg, East Bay, USA


Congratulations on an excellent website. My son studied the information you shared for a school project. It was simply presented, yet it taught accurate technical detail. I am in awe of the 3D animation which made the whole concept much more tangible to him. Many thanks



Your site is such a great resource for alternative energy! I sure learn a lot by browsing through it! - Evy, USA

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