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Everything you need to know about us is either on, or linked to from this page.

We will be updating this page soon... so please check back soon!

Until then, here are some brief details: -

www.top-alternative-energy-sources.com was established by Michael Long.

The site was developed as there simply was no "one stop shop" offering comprehensive information on our alternative energy options.

The site has grown significantly over two years from initial upload to over 70 CONTENT FOCUSED pages of information.

Our aim is to deliver as much information as possible without overdoing any advertising.

We cover the costs of the site via generous donations and minor revenue streams such as google ads.

We enjoy hearing your feedback - particularly what you love about top-alternative-energy-sources.com and also what you would like to see more information about!

Thanks for your patience... we are nearly ready to upload this page!

In the meantime, please click this link to see pictures of me participating in the Worlds Greatest Shave to raise money for cancer research!

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