"Green" relates to photosynthesis

by BIOblogger
(Los Angeles, California)



I haven't fully explored your site but I don't see bioenergy, biomass, biofuels, or biopower anywhere in your inventory at left.

We will have liquid fuel needs for as long as we have internal combustion engines - whether cars, trucks, or planes. The only alternative to fossil feedstocks are biomass feedstocks for creating non-fossil fuels.

Biopower is a baseload alternative to fossil power (coal, natural gas or oil). The only baseload power I see listed at left is geothermal power.

Geothermal, solar, and wind are not globally accessible. Renewable biomass is generally abundant in areas where the others aren't. This is important because to be energy efficient power transmission needs to be as short and regional as possible.

I like this site but I think there is a predisposition of clean energy technologists to ignore biomass as an energy source. CleanTech at best is carbon neutral. I invite you to lead the CleanTech movement into an appreciation of natural, clean, carbon negative, GreenTech alternatives.

The iconic green color of the "green" movement is a reference to photosynthesis. Think of leaves as natural solar collectors and plants are solar arrays. They store energy which makes them superior to solar cells. And plants are self reproducing sequestering tons of CO2 as they grow from seeds to their rich variety of forms. No manufacturing or use of exotic metals required.

Providing technologies that allow the poorest of farmers to grow crops that fill a market demand for energy would allow developing countries to become energy independent.

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Mar 11, 2010
Biomass Content
by: BIOblogger

I look forward to seeing biomass content on this site. It is as deep and multifaceted as any subject you are likely to pursue.

Mar 10, 2010
Thanks... Biomass is "in the making"
by: Michael

Hi BIOblogger... and thanks for your submission.

You will be pleased to hear that biomass is in the pipeline!!

We will be adding biomass content soon... so keep an eye out for it.

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