Grand Prix style event planned for Cheltenham, UK, featuring green vehicles

by Jennie Rainsford
(Cheltenham, UK)

Cheltenham Motorsports

Cheltenham Motorsports

Ambitious plans to stage a grand prix style event around the streets of the regency town of Cheltenham, in the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds in the UK have been announced.

Tackling eco issues is at the forefront of this event and Alex Steele, Cheltenham Motorsports’ environmental advisor, spoke of the importance of showcasing the latest alternative fuels and technology.

There will be a sliding scale of sustainability criteria from the dark green, vehicles fuelled by alternative technology, to the light green, vehicles that have been modified to make them more energy efficient. Speaking at the event Alex said, ‘ you can easily track the link between what happens in motor sports and what follows in the automotive industry. This is a great opportunity to trial low carbon technology that could be of benefit going forward.’ Time trials will be held between karting races, with the eco cars showing the crowds how thrilling sustainable technology can be.

The event is planned for September 2013 as UK law will require a parliamentary bill to allow the race to go ahead.

Last week the management team behind the event announced new sponsors - The Morgan Motor Company, Aero Racing and Rickerby's Solicitors.

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